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What a great service. I had heard horror stories from friends who had their spa delivered by freight companies and the significant damage from the mishandling. Speedy Spa Delivery was professional thru and thru and made the whole delivery experience a breeze.
Joe Melner, St Louis

Prompt and were fantastic to deal with. The delivery person was great. He was always available before and after the delivery to answer my questions.
Mary Jackson, Atlanta

The delivery driver from Speedy Spa Delivery called and made sure everything was ready before they delivered my spa. They asked if I would also like to have my spa delivered around the back to the spot that I wanted the spa to be permanently placed. They charged slightly more but if you have ever tried to move a spa it is well worth allowing a professional handle it.
John Bateman, Phoenix

I was in the loop all the time. All I had to do was either log on or call my delivery person. After spending that much money on something it is nice to be able to see exactly where my spa was. I was able to see the progress from the factory to the distribution warehouse to my house. The delivery driver set up a time for delivery and he was right on time. I was very satisfied.
Cassidy Edwards, Tampa

The delivery driver sure came with the right equipment to move the spa. They were able to move it around to my deck in no time. I sure can't even imagine trying to move a spa without the right equipment. If I ever need my spa moved I will definitely be calling SpeedySpaDelivery.com.
Mike Marenovic, Buffalo

I didn't want my spa showing up on my driveway with no way to get it around to my patio. Speedy Spa is the only reason I bought from Costco and not a local retail dealer.
Robin Milford, California

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